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Skills that differentiate

We believe sales training is not a ‘one and done’. That it should instead become part of the fabric of your culture, who you are and what you do. Because more and more products are seen as commodities. Trying to differentiate by describing why you’re different is only further putting you into the commodity basket. True differentiation will come from how well your team can deliver value and build trust throughout the entire buying journey, and the customer experience. 

sales training

A holistic approach to sales training

We bring learning to where your employees are, with engaging formats and the most relevant content. Whether it’s standard off-the-shelf or customised,  led by our experienced trainers – we create advanced innovative learning solutions, specifically tailored to your needs. At Nex7 Level, we believe that training is a vital part of developing great salespeople and culture, our approach to sales training can be delivered as holistic sales training that is centre around three areas of transformation, mindset, values and habits. These three become the supporting foundation for our Value Based Sales Skills training. This holistic approach sets a strong foundation for; sales recruitment, enablement, onboarding and sales coaching. 


A sales mindset rooted in positive thinking is what ultimately drives salespeople to see opportunities for selling where others may not. In addition, the right mindset will also keep your salespeople agile, open-minded to change, and ready to pivot when things don’t go as planned.  Characteristics salespeople need to drive successful sales: Resilience, Responsibility, and Rigour.

Values Alignment

We advocate for sales training processes that drive real behavioural change. Our Values Alignment approach to training offers salespeople the opportunity to reflect on the following five views, their views on selling, views of abilities, their personal values, their commitment to activities and their belief in products or services. 

High-Performance Habits

Six primary high-performance habits, we train on: 

  • Seeking clarity
  • Generating energy
  • Raising necessity
  • Increasing productivity
  • Developing influence
  • Demonstrating courage

Looking for results?

Smart Selling® for SMB

Discover the psychological aspects and phases of how buyers buy

Smart Selling® provides value to anyone in the sales role regardless of their opportunity type or what they are selling. That being said, Smart Selling® was designed to help the sales professional execute the sales steps of an opportunity where uncovering and diagnosing business issues, gaining access to power, demonstrating the value of the offering, managing and negotiating the steps of a complex sale cycle are required.

Critical Elements of Customer Service

Increased customer satisfaction rates

You will spend the first part of the day getting to know participants and discussing what will take place during the workshop. Students will also have an opportunity to identify their learning objectives.

Mindset: Growth v/s Fixed

Reach your goals and unlock your full potential

A ‘growth mindset’ – is a term originally coined by Stanford psychologist Dr Carol Dweck. Her research found that we either have a ‘fixed mindset’ or a ‘growth mindset’. People with a ‘fixed mindset’ operate under the belief that we all have a set level of intelligence and can’t do much to improve it. Those with a growth mindset’ believe that we can all acquire new skills, to develop and grow. These people see failure as an opportunity to stretch their existing abilities for the future.

Story Telling – Sales Pitch Master

Differentiate yourself and build trust with your customers

Learn to Confidently and clearly articulate your pitch so that you address your customers, business, and challenges. Could you create your opportunities and increase your qualification rate? Differentiate yourselves and build trust with your customers.

Smart Coaching

Build positive individual change and career growth

Coaching and mentoring have become increasingly necessary in today’s workplace. It is crucial for both personal and professional development. Both coaching and mentoring help to build a positive and concrete change in an individual’s growth in their career. It is also a critical factor in contributing to the retention and utilisation of key human capital talent.

A Holistic Approach to Sales Transformation, Training, Enablement & Coaching

40+ years of combined sales experience

Nex7Level Solutions is a team of seasoned Sales and CX professionals, skilled in complex sales solutions, sales leadership, coaching, training, learning and development. Our team is driven to deliver sales performance through expertise and customised solutions, with the aim to empower organisations and people to achieve sales excellence.

"Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win.”

- Jeffrey Gitomer" -
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