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“Culture is how people THINK, BELIEVE and ACT. It frames what people do when no one is looking!” - Bruce Temkin

Sales Transformation

Consulting & Advisory

We support organisations with execution by helping founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, Sales Directors and Managers, align sales and the new way of working across the whole organisation. We offer sales consulting solutions in four key areas; Sales Management, Sales  Transformation, Sales Strategy Planning and Implementation, Change Management, and Sales Processes while getting the organisation future-ready and building a sustainable sales culture.

Bringing sales strategies to life

We can help bring your organisation’s sales strategy to life by:

  • Aligning teams around the same goals and making sure the company’s message and vision come across, ensuring that strategy becomes execution.
  • Helping leaders empower their sales teams to deliver growth, identify areas of improvement in processes, guide team sales activities in the right direction (quantity vs quality), putting OKRs and sales leadership models in place.
  • Aligning your sales process with the customer journey and clearly defined content. To improve accuracy in forecasting, pipeline management and sales conversion ratios.

Revenue Enablement

What are benefits of sales enablement?

Revenue enablement supports sales transformation and improves sales representatives’  performance, leading to a better buyer experience and revenue growth. The benefits of a well-executed sales enablement strategy may include; the promotion of ongoing sales training and development, increased efficiency of your sales process, allowing reps to develop better relationships with buyers and helping sales and marketing teams collaborate more productively, working within the same programs that house customer data and content.

What exactly is revenue enablement?

It’s the strategic process to prepare sales organisations with the right tools, content and information to sell successfully. It empowers reps to deliver an engaging experience for modern buyers who expect personalisation, automation and overall innovation. It drives business results, enabling sellers to focus their time on selling and closing deals faster.

revenue enablement

It's strategic

Like sales transformation, revenue enablement is a high-level undertaking. Which requires planning, forecasting and a deep understanding of your organisation’s potential customers and the problems that they need to solve. 

It’s consistent and systematic

When we talk about revenue enablement, we’re talking about driving uniformity of delivery across the go-to-market organisation. By applying best practices across coaching, content management and your sales process, you provide a winning framework that drives greater sales effectiveness and higher win rates.

It’s ongoing

Enablement is never “done.” Product positioning changes. Marketing that may have helped close deals three months ago may no longer be relevant. A fundamental function of sales enablement services is ensuring that sales teams are empowered with the most up-to-date information, continuous training, content and tools to sell effectively.

It sparks valuable conversations

Enablement has been a driving force in the shift from transactional sales interactions to consultative sales conversations. Buyers are more informed than ever, with access to huge amounts of research and marketing on you and your competitors. Sales reps are no longer experts by default; they now need to be experts on merit. This is where a well-oiled enablement machine can make a difference.

“Take action! An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention.”

- Steve Maraboli -
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